We believe everything you need to heal can be found on the Earth in it's natural form.

A&H Lotion 1 Ounce


The healing power of Arnica Montana and Helicrysum combined in a base of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and bees wax make this lotion a must have in your first aid kit.  Arnica is well known in the dancing community for it's ability to help heal sprained and strained muscles and heal bruises quickly.  Helicrysum is considered the miracle herb in many circles for it's ability to heal surface wounds and deep trauma to bones and muscles in quick order.  We pick the flowers and leaves and infuse them in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for at least a month before making this lotion, making sure we are getting the essential oils and nutrients which are needed.  

This lotion has not been tested by the FDA however all ingredients are considered GRAS.