We believe everything you need to heal can be found on the Earth in it's natural form.

Cocay 1 Ounce


Green Cayenne Pepper Tincture mixed with the healing action of Coconut Oil ,Wheat Germ Oil and Shea Butter allows this lotion to address muscle and nerve pain without the super stinging sensation attributed to most Capsaicin lotions.  I've been making and selling this product for over 4 years now and have found it to be very helpful for people suffering from neuropathy, back pain associated with disk degeneration, restless leg syndrome and other joint pains.  It will not sting if applied topically to the skin, however, since it has a base of Cayenne Pepper it will sting the mouth, eyes or sensitive private areas so please be careful when and where you are applying.   

This lotion has not been tested by the FDA however all ingredients are considered GRAS.